Stephen Hawking predictions

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking has predicted that human being would continue to exist only for 1000 years after which the Earth would destroy. This is not the first time when Stephen Hawking has warned about the doomed fate of humanity.

While addressing the Oxford Union Debating Society, this week, scientist counted the number of factors that might lead to the demise of humanity on Earth. The major factors included the artificial intelligence, global warming and resulting climate change and threat of nuclear warfare.

The formulator of black hole theory has prompted human beings to make preparations for surviving the post-demise life.  He has advised scientists to search for life on other planets such as Mars.

In other words, he has earged that now we have destroyed the Earth, we should move forward and destroy the other planets too.

Scientists have already started exploring life on other planets and also claim that they have found signs of water on Mars, that may support life. To benefit from this opportunity few corporates have started to offer bookings on Mars to public.

Yes, greed has caused mass destruction on one planet now instead of preventing this greed to further manipulate we are looking forward to annihilating the outer space by starting it basis from the greedy nature.

Apart from scaring the students of the prestigious Institute, Hawking also made students ponder, increase their curiosity and prompted them to explore the new heavens by ending his speech on the quote. “look up at the stars and not down at your feet”.

Maybe, he wanted to say; the world can not come to its end until the human nature remains unsatisfied, unaccomplished and bounded by the eternal greed, it would destroy the one and look for exploiting a new one. Still, there are billions of planet for us to explore.


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