Oscar winner Leonardo de Caprio

Who is not familiar with the Titanic hero Leonardo de Caprio, the actor who just received his first Oscar award for his performance in The Revenant.

Famous star from Hollywood would soon appear on screen with his dream role of Billi Milligan, a victim of multi-personality disorder whose brain sensed 24 personalities and all these struggled to dominate each other. Milligan who was a battle ground for his 24 personalities discovered his helplessness when he found himself in jail for committing crimes like murder and rape.

Playing the character of a multi-personality disorder means to play 24 characters in the one movie. This is indeed a challenge and a courageous artist like Leonardo-de-Caprio was the best choice for doing such role.

The movie Crowded Room that is an inspiration from nonfiction book of 1981, “The Minds of Billi Milligan”, would release in 2017. Perhaps, it is a very  unique movie due to its ability to categrize itself as a fictious as well as reality base film. Actions performed by the charachters seem to be part of some imaginery world. The rather fictious charachter of Billy sxisted in reality. Performing such charachter would be challenging for Leonardo de Capro but at the same times it would be a real feast for his fans too.


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