muslim girls problem

There are so many things Muslim girls have to face around the world in the name of religious and cultural differences. But on a lighter note, these are few struggles you can only relate to if you’re a Muslim girl.

Guys hit on them using the phrases like ‘Ma’sha’Allah’ or ‘Habibi’

I mean why…!! do you even know what that means? no? then shut up.

muslim girls

Doing house chores as their brother relaxes

‘Wo larka hai na, wo ghar ka kaam nahi karey ga’, so tell me how is that my fault?

Hiding their period from the men of the house

Why aren’t you praying? Why aren’t fasting? Why aren’t you touching the Quran? Why aren’t you DYING?

muslim girls problem

When you make fuss about your studies they advise you to drop it and make babies

muslim girls problems

Hanging out with boys ALONE? HARAM brah

People assume you are in a relationship with every guy you hang out it. EVERY GUY.

muslim girls

Being told you can’t leave a house without a MEHRAM

Going out? take your brother with you. But I study in an all girls college…

muslim girls

Having discussions with your parents about your marriage when you turn 14

shouldn’t I be thinking about what I am going to have for dinner?

muslim girls

And of course, listening to the media debate about what your rights as Muslim women should be

muslim girls Let us tell you once again, we Muslim girls, are not OPPRESSED.


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