Ghee Mafia

In a recent bid to check the quality of food products and related commodities, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) tested the samples of 71 companies that manufacture ghee and cooking oil. According to details, samples of 42 mills in total were found to be of substandard quality. The authority has also issued notices to the companies and asked the companies’ representatives to explain their position in this regard.

Sources confirmed that these companies could face hefty fines henceforth.

And see how the Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturing Association (PVMA) reacted to the raids on ghee industries. They are closing down all ghee mills in Lahore and have announced a strike.

It has become a fashion in Pakistan to resort to protests and strikes in every situation. If this persists where will lie the accountability?

Punjab Food Authority is issuing a notice to the following brand owners to appear in person for hearing in DG Office. PFA is trying to break Nexus by calling and meeting them separately.

  • Sufi Sunflower
  • Maan Banaspati
  • Kisan Vegetable ghee
  • Eva Vtf banaspati
  • Malta banaspati
  • Soya Supreme Banaspati
  • Sundrop Cooking Oil
  • Tullo Banaspati
  • Naaz Banaspati
  • Momin Banaspati
  • Season Banaspati
  • Mayar Banaspati
  • Olio Premium Canola Oil

One can witness that there are big names involved. This ghee mafia didn’t like to be regulated on quality rather they want to feed and provide the customers with substandard,unhygienic and even poisonous stuff.

This is the condition of the big brands, one can imagine about the small and local ghee mills. we just want that pVMA should open themselves to check and balance.

If I am a robber and conducts a robbery and if get arrested, what should I do? Hire a lawyer? No way, the best solution is to come on the roads, protest and make the administration kneel down. WOW!!

PVMA is holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday at 3 pm, in PVMA office Lahore, House no 245, Block F1, Johar Town. They are going to strategize that how they will protest and strike in coming days to pressurise the food authority so that the authority surrender to their unlawful and dirty demand.

All Pakistan Tankers Association has circulated a letter to all managers of terminals that PVMA has called a strike and all local, and up country, loading will be off tomorrow.

It’s high time that public should play maturely and sensibly, not every matter is of politics and not every subject requires criticism on government. If the administration wants to check the SOPs and quality of the ghee manufactured, what’s the harm in that? And from which angle It is harassment?

PVMA is proving themselves a mafia who wants to manipulate the public and the administration.

The department is harassing us; we will stage a sit-in in front of the office of DG food authority: Chairman PVMA

This mafia of ghee companies is selling poison in the name of vanaspati to millions of citizens in the provincial metropolis.

When our staff reporter asked from the chairman of PVMA, that what are their demands. He said they come from the federal ministry and they should check the quality control matter.

What a lame excuse, dear chairman, Punjab Food Authority has been established under the Food Authority Act 2011 with a mandate “to protect public health, to provide for the safety and standards of food”. So you are implying that ghee is not a portion of food but a mobile gadget?

They are such hardcore criminals who don’t have any conscience and never get embarrassed and have no fear whatsoever from anyone.

Adulterated and substandard Vanaspati ghee is playing with the public health, raising the number of patients having different fatal diseases in Pakistan. The malpractice has been going on in broad daylight. We are living in a city where food quality was never the priority of anyone. Even the public is unaware of the hazards of poor food. Few traders and manufacturers have made the market hostile and are busy in earning money.

What kind of threat is this of closing down of the mills? It’s better to have no ghee in food rather taking the poison they are manufacturing.

So thanks to PVMA.

It’s our responsibility to tackle these elements and eliminate these nasty creatures from the society who are killing the people by providing them slow poisons in shape of ghee. And yes we want this to be carried out by the governmental agencies, we don’t want people to take law in their hands. But PVMA wants that.

It is best in the interest of PVMA that they take back the call of the strike and open their gates for the teams of the authority so that action be taken against those who are hiding behind the association. PVMA must have thought that they are supporting the criminals.

And we ask the mill owners, those owners who are following the SOPs and are not producing fatal ghee should keep themselves away from the PVMA.


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