Common suffering of Amir Khan and Momina Mustehsan

Being a public figure means being prone to a constant suffering as your personal life becomes a selling point for those in the business. In the very start of this writing, it would be too early to say that fame very often comes at the expense of the private life but this is very true and cases of the singer turned social media sensation Momina Mustehsan and the boxing champion Amir Khan prove this very well.

At times it may sound cool to become center of attraction but no one wants his life to turn into a reality show for the public.

Momina Mustehsan who rose to fame after her coke studio debut song Afreen Afreen with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan became a content for the social media memes. Fans adored her beauty more than her melodious voice, a fact that was not liked much by Momina, who wanted to make an impact on her music career rather than her looks.

The real issue came when a photograph of her engagement went viral where she was seen with her fiance Ali Naqvi. Now, when the news of her break-up came blogs and news platforms across the web took no time in informing the public about what was up in the personal life of the Momina Mustehsan. Such coverage of personal life event was never appealing to a decent person like her and the lady burst on social media by saying, “stop selling my private life for more clicks.

Suffering of the boxer Amir Khan

How media cashed the fight between the boxer, Amir Khan’s wife with her family is not a hidden fact. Ordinary people who are known within limited friends and family circles are lucky in this regard that not too many people get to know about their lives.

The tragedy with Amir Khan was that his real life provided a reality show like entertainment at the expense of his personal fame and reputation, something for which he was not even paid for. After all, no family wants to drag its private affair to the screens of every other person on the globe, at times what’s going within the family of a celebrity becomes such viral that it dominates their professional career impacting it in a negative way.

So, it takes a lot of courage to be a celebrity as it always comes with a suffering.


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