Suicide attempt in Gujranwala

The tragic incident of a suicide attempt by the 6th-grade student in Gujranwala, puts a question mark, not only on the parents, teachers, education system but also before the society as a whole.

I just wonder whether the metaphor of a school going kid would be enough for poets to describe the likes of a tension free life or not. How our children would be able to amuse from the sight of the squirrel jumping on the tree branches, birds chirping in the garden, vendors setting their stalls on the banks and the by-passers who possess a  unique look.

The video of this kid will make you laugh and then cry over society

Yes, the burden of a heavy bag stuffed with books that are often irrelevant surely makes it difficult for the little soul to raise the head, contemplate and amass food for thought to increase curiosity. Unfortunately, all this is possible only when we ensure that our kids, the architecture of future get enough freedom to look in their surrounding. Our education system does ensure that our children get enough depression and frustration to think for a suicide attempt.

The severe mental torcher put on the students by this educational system is no less than a child abuse by the society

Our youth follows a tough routine of an educational institute for 16 years not with the aim of learning something new or innovating rather with a little goal of becoming the corporate slaves.

Why we don’t understand that

Excellence can be achieved only when task is powered by the real interest and true internal motivation.

In a society, where education is considered to be a way to enter a profession for earning a living, how can we expect that our kids wouldn’t build pressure? Parents think that getting high grades would enable their children to reach the top ranking professional institutes of higher education resulting in becoming the perfect job material. Our schools, don’t stress upon the character building and never promote an atmosphere of learning rather provide a competitive environment where student exhaust in the race of grades up to such an extent that decide to surrender before the death.

Now, is the time that governments around the globes must ensure that no one has to strive for the basic amenities such as shelter, food, health and education at every stage so that no one fears to be a victim of poverty after failing to land a job. Our parents should know that children can only learn better in a free environment, their thinking can prosper only when they don’t have depression to be worried about, they can move towards excellence and become competent only when allowed to do what they want.

Our classrooms have to be a place of nurturing the minds with ideas, not a torcher cell prompting to make suicide attempt.


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