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5 Pakistani non Muslims who have made Pakistan proud

Pakistan is home to several religions. Besides Muslim, there many non-Muslims who have played their role for its prosperity. Here are a few non-Muslims who have done so well.

Jeremy McLellan is physically in America, but his heart stays in Pakistan

Jeremy McLellan is back in the U.S.A, but his heart will always remain partially Pakistani. He learned so many things here and made many friends

17 reasons: why you should be proud of Pakistan

Being its citizen, we all are proud of Pakistan. Here we have compiled 17 reasons why should be a proud Pakistani, let's check out

Jeremy McLellan, the biryani loving comedian is absolutely loving Pakistan!

Jeremy McLellan is a stand-up comedian from Charleston and is currently touring Pakistan for shows. He is loving this country!

This Pakistani woman Rukhsana Izhar feeds hundreds of needy people everyday

Rukhsana Izhar of Lahore feeds hundreds of needy people every day by cooking for them herself. Her wish is to live forever by serving humanity

This Ukrainian lady fell in love with Lahore Fort

From Lahore Fort to Sindhi music and from Badshahi Masjid to Faisal Mosque, Ukrainian lady has fallen in love with everything on her dream trip to Pakistan

Pakistan ranks among top 20 most powerful countries in the world

Pakistan is ranked amongst 20 most powerful and influential countries in the world according to a US news website's report.