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Cake Monster by Neha Umer is baking the best cakes in Lahore

Cake Monster by Neha Umer makes deliciously yummy and beautiful looking cakes for birthdays and other events. I tried it, would you?

Try Cinnabon in Lahore for Freshly Baked Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnabon in Lahore is definitely a must-go-to place if you're hunting down fresh cinnamon rolls. It is not exactly a dessert, not chocolatey.

How to make your mug cake in 5 minutes

Craving for a sweet chocolatey mug cake at night? A 5 minutes recipe will do the trick for making your delicious dessert right at home

Oh my! these top six chocolate pizzas you must-try

The best invention in the world of chocolate is chocolate pizzas which are way too lip-smacking. Here is are the six of those you must try in your life

Top ten most toothsome Eid sweets

The great festive of Meethi Eid is all about eidi and Eid sweets. This Eid is incomplete without delish treats including Sheer Khurma, kheer and many others

6 Places To Try In Lahore For The Best Chocolate Desserts

Ah - chocolate desserts. They make us gain weight, but we can never resist them no matter what. We have made a list for chocolate lovers here

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