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3 best exercise machines for weight loss

People are more conscious about their fitness than ever. If going gym every day isn't your cup of tea, try investing in these 3 exercise machines at home

Do you have an Idea to fight Coronavirus? Government seeks your help

The spread of Coronavirus has alarmed the world. The government and NIC are looking for ideas from the public to fight the outbreak and its after-effects.

Pakistanis using substandard Coronavirus face masks

Ever since the Coronavirus has hit Pakistan, street vendors have started selling ineffective coronavirus face masks that may increase the spread of the virus instead

Pakistan ready to produce coronavirus test kits locally

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Pakistanis scientists have created the prototype of locally made coronavirus test kits that are ready to undergo mass production

Cold drinks banned in schools of Punjab

Cold drinks ban in schools; no one will be allowed to sell them in schools or around. The Punjab government takes the initiative is a significant step.

The harmful effects of energy drinks on your brain and heart

Energy drinks are widely known to improve concentration and help you lose sleep, but do you know how they are affecting your body from the inside? Find out.

The junk food iftar deals you should avoid!

Several junk food chains are offering Iftar deals which are appealing and are present at very low prices. But should they be devoured or not?

How fasting in Ramadan cleanse and strengthen your body

Ramadan is not only about spiritual blessings, rather fasting helps our body go through a process of body detoxification which is very beneficial.

Famous Ice-cream Brands Get Exposed For Misleading Customers

Ice-cream brands in Pakistan are misleading customers by selling deceptive products. They are selling frozen desserts in the name of nutritious food.

TV actress Naila Jaffery, fighting with cancer, needs help

Veteran Pakistani TV actress who has many popular roles on her credit is suffering from the last stage of cancer, she is undergoing treatment in Karachi.

Are you eating halal? KFC serves non-halal food with fake halal certificates

As the demand for halal chicken is increasing worldwide, more controversies about the fast food outlets like KFC selling non-halal chicken are emerging.

Brands like Haleeb sell poison in the name of tetra pack Milk; Report in SC

Tetra pack milk brands like Haleeb are hell-bent on making you a superhuman as they sell hazardous chemicals in the name of healthy milk.