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If traveling to Skardu; must visit the Sog Valley for ultimate peace

If you love to travel north of Pakistan and spend some time where peace is all around, Sog Valley is the place in Skardu you can spend the whole day

Shigarthang Valley In Skardu: An Unexplored Tourist’s Heaven

Shigarthang Valley in Skardu is considered the highest and oldest human settlement in the region. it's a beautiful place in the north of Pakistan but disconnected to the world

Thousands of years old Katas Raj in Pakistan holds rich history

Katas Raj, a hidden gem in Pakistan, houses many cultures and religions dating back to thousands of years. Almost 300 km from Lahore, it's a worth visiting place

Jeremy McLellan is physically in America, but his heart stays in Pakistan

Jeremy McLellan is back in the U.S.A, but his heart will always remain partially Pakistani. He learned so many things here and made many friends