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Rainbow mountains

Rainbow Mountains mentioned in the Quran discovered to be in China!

The Rainbow Mountains were talked about in the Quran some 1400 years ago, and they are present in China in real life!
north of pakistan

The north of Pakistan is like heaven on Earth, literally

The north of Pakistan is beautiful, and we see the experience of a student, Iqra Bhatti, who shares with us pictures from her trip!
Longest hanging bridge

New attraction for tourists as world’s longest hanging bridge opens

The world's longest hanging bridge opens in Switzerland bringing attraction for tourists across globe and also this pedestrian bridge offers great views
south africa

South Africa – A must visit place on Earth

South Africa is definitely the most beautiful place you can visit on Earth. It has natural beauty, and there are some places you ought to go to when there!

6 places to try in Lahore for the best chocolate desserts!

Ah - chocolate desserts. They make us gain weight, but we can never resist them no matter what. I'm absolutely crazy for chocolate, and automatically a lunatic for great chocolate desserts. Hence, I've listed my...
Cassandra de Pecol rates Pakistan top 10 countries

Fastest female traveller rates Pakistan in top 10 worth visiting countries

Cassandra de Pecol the world's fastest female traveler who visited 196 countries in 18 months rates Pakistan in top 10 worth seeing countries of the world.
World's fastest traveler Cassandra de Pecol

Pakistan and Islam are amazing; Views of world’s fastest female traveler

Cassandra the world's fastest traveler says that Pakistan is much different from what is portrayed in media and she loves Islam
Dangerous Airlines

The World top 5 most dangerous airlines; PIA is in the list

Our world tops five most dangerous airlines compilation. PIA is in the list, due to the safety, technical violations and corruption.
Crown of Cholistan desert

Crown of Cholistan desert; Derawar Fort needs our attention

Derawar Fort itself is considered as an ancient and pre-Harappan settlement. It survived not only during pre-Harappan. Now needs our attention.
Travel diary of a Pakistani girl

Travel diary of a Pakistani girl; journey from Pakistan to Europe

Travel diary of a Pakistani girl who thinks that there is nothing adventurous than being able to endure a harassment from opposite gender.