Humanity by Tahir Shah

Fun, entertainment, stuff for social media memes but never a singer; this is what we think about the Tahir Shah. Have we ever tried to ponder on the very basic message that the man tries to give?

After facing the cold attitudes of the society, the people like Tahir Shah and Qandeel Baloch appear on the scene who distinguish themselves enough to be a new cultural icon.
Sequel of Tahir Shah’s Angel; Shouldn’t we admit him as “modern saint”?

The new narration style song video of on of the most talked about the singer of 2016 is just out, and it simply gives an account of what the real issue is encompassing the man.

In his new video, Tahir Shah doesn’t sing the song but elaborates his message by reciting the verses, maybe this way he succeeds in getting attention from the masses and proving that he is working for a noble cause.

After the people harshly criticized his angle appearance in his purple attire, the man chose a saintly style to express the fact that how real love means behaving like and angel.

I wonder why we are laughing at the man without giving him credit for bringing a very new concept of saint to us

But Tahir Shah surely owes an explanation to us, how a kind who is wearing gold clad, Sitting on the throne and living a lavish life can ever give a concept of true love free from the greed and selfishness of anything. Perhaps, the huge money you have doesn’t allow you to feature an old bearded man with tattered clothes and sitting on a rag, giving a message of love, peace, and humanity.


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