Indo-Pak conflict

Pakistan is on the verge of another war with its common enemy India due to the escalation of tensions between both the countries. Decades-old Indo-Pak conflict and our enmity with our neighbour are strongly affiliated with disputed territory of Kashmir that Britain left as a rope to aid the tug of war.

Cowardly attack by the Indian army on a passenger bus earlier today, caused the killings of 9 innocent civilians. Such act of barbarianism on unarmed, harmless citizens of the Pakistan further provoked the cross-border firing that cost precious human lives on both sides of the frontier.

The current wave of Indo-Pak conflict is a direct consequence of human rights violation by Indian Army in Indian occupied Kashmir. Cruel murder of Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani led to the mass protests in the valley that exposed the Indian atrocities. To kill the resistance Indian Army used the pallet guns that caused a loss of 80 Kashmiri people leaving thousands of them with critical injuries on sensitive body parts such as eyes and face. Not only Pakistani but civil society in India also lambasted Indian army’s cruel tactics to curb the voice of innocent Kashmiris

Brutal dealings of Kashmiri people by Indian Army prompted the fighter’s attack on army’s base camp in Uri killing the 17 Indian soldiers causing further worsening of relations between countries. From the murder of Burhan Wani to Uri attack, Kashmiri people suffered brutally from the Indian stoicism, and Uri attack in September fueled the traditional rivalry between India and Pakistan that is manifested in present conflict on LoC.

India also claimed the surgical strikes in Azad Jammu and Kashmir while killing the militants’ camps across the border. Pakistan never confirmed these claims and just labelled them as an India’s accusation on Pakistan to support militancy in Kashmir.

The political status of Kashmir is still an enigma, militancy in the region is still a complex issue, the peace process between both countries has already been jeopardised due to the ban on art that could act as a bridge to shorten the gaps. As a result of the conflict that mounted in last four months, we are just witnessing news tickers with an enhanced number of killings of soldiers on both sides of the border. The Recent attack of Indian Army on civilian’s bus also encompassed the sphere of the current Indo-Pak conflict LoC to the civilian population.  Both countries need to revert on table discussions rather than spilling blood in the battlefield for the sake of ensuring peace in the region.


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