Travel diary of a Pakistani girl

“I just love to travel the world” and “I often travel the world” are two entirely different phenomena, to make the transition from later to former, it requires nothing but crossing a hell vast gulf of challenges.

I live in an area where people are so concerned about the lives of each other that human cameras immediately turn on when a girl crosses her home abode.

Yes, my very first challenge were those neighboring aunties who didn’t care to violate the privacy and hurled the question, “Beta Kahan Jaa rhi ho”, everytime i had to leave my home.

On the way to Europe; from the Arabian Sea to Mediterranean sea

Call me over efficient or whatever, in response to the very stereotypical question “What is your greatest wish in the Life”, I had to say something very weird that left everyone staring at me in bafflement. I just want to enter Europe illegally or cross any border without meeting the documentary requirements, despite my continual disability of couraging to sneak behind the principal’s office to peek inside from the window because it was a No-Go area and our Proctor had always prohibited us from going there.

Please don’t blame Ibn-e Safi for pouring in such daring rather absurd ideas in me, as Imran Series has nothing to do with provoking the adventurist and detective inside me. As far as my Expedition of crossing eastern borders of Europe is concerned, it was deeply rooted in the desire of exploring the oceans and jeopardising my life to bear the suffering of a traveller who is compelled to cross the borders by using illegal means, in search of better economic prospects.

First, the crossing of Pakistan-Iran border on a pick-up by passing through the stony-hearted soil of Baluchistan; then setting for Iran’s port Bandar Abbas to hunt for a launch and starting my way through the Persian Gulf, while glimpsing at the coasts of U.A.E was indeed a treat for the eyes. Not to forget the mention of large ships,  while passing through the Swizz Canal and then entering the abode of Europe through the Mediterranean Sea; that was the actual fun of this journey. Finally, waiting for some coast guards at the coast of Nicosia, who would spot my launch and then detain me for being illegal, as chances of further continuing the journey are almost inevitable. The thought of this thrilling adventure was enough to chill my spines.

Alas; my desires and plans could not find a way to ooze out of my heart and mind to be practical. It was certainly not such an easy thing especially in circumstances, where I was not allowed to go at corner shop or even in market alone and at my own being a girl.

An experience on G.T Road from Islamabad to Lahore 

Still, I managed to travel between Islamabad and Lahore on an 18 seater Hiace. This journey was not as enthusiastic and as charming as a sea voyage from Pakistan to Europe, but still it was much thrilling and adventurous in many regards. First,  I was by chance only lady amongst the entire clan of 17 passengers.  I can never forget the respect bestowed upon me on behalf of my fellow travellers; they offered me front seat given the implementation of lady’s first rule,

Despite showing such respect, they  couldn’t go against the nature and didn’t dare to violate the basic rule that all men are  just a pervert; as they kept on occasionally staring through the back view mirror.

Despite my usual habit of peeking through the window and glimpsing at the leaving behind scenes I kept on looking at front with a bleak mind, the reason is quite obvious, being conscious for remaining the centre of someone’s stare was dominant over my freedom to ponder my surroundings. Throughout my journey, I was not able to experience any astonishment of the way as I was just a person incarcerated by stares from all side.

Now  I am all set to fulfil the dream of my voyage from Pakistan to Europe as I have become habitual of confining my thoughts and sight within my mind, during travel while being bound by anything, be it stares of the men or four walls of a launch’s basement.


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