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Talha Dar also known as Tallie Dar is currently the hottest Pakistani sensation, who has not only gained fame nation wide, but has been featured on MTV UK, Teen Vogue, and on Cosmopolitan as well. Here’s a little insight for you if you’ve been living under a rock currently:

Yes, this is Tallie. The boy who has suddenly become the hype of the season, simply because he looks like a cross between Zayn Malik and Harry Potter. Thanks to these selfies Tallie posted on his Twitter, he is going viral in not only Pakistan, but in China, Japan, U.K, Australia etc. as well. So girls, what do you think of him?


Let’s break it to the chase though, why are we comparing him to Zayn Malik OR Harry Potter? He is Talha Dar aka Tallie Dar, and that should be enough for us Pakistanis. He looks like himself, and just his own good looking self makes our jaws drop. We got a hold of him, to ask him about his own life, and here’s what we got out of him!

Talha’s Life in a Nutshell:

Talha Dar, 21, is of Kashmiri descend and has been raised up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is currently a student at the University of Guelph in Canada, and is enrolled in B.COMM Management, Economics and Finance (Hons). He intends on completing his education, and then he will get down the road on getting as much experience as he can in order to start his own businesses. During school life, Talha was a part of the Student Council, he was involved in sports, and even played Cricket on Provincial level. He even mentions his love for rap, and he once rapped “Love the way you Lie by Eminem” at a school Talent Show, and was awarded as one of the top 3 talents in the competition. You can find his video online, which caught 10,000 views in no time.

Talha and his homeland, Pakistan:

Talha loves Pakistan. He believes Pakistan is a nation filled with culture, music, poetry, literature and food which is second to none. Coming back after 3 years, in under 2 weeks, Talha has gained national and international fame. We asked him what it was like to be back in Pakistan after a while, and he said:

“Pehla hafta idhar aa ke mera pait esa kharab huwa keh bas kiya bataon, not used to the street food, but it was all worth it!”

He also says:

“Pakistan holds all the potential for becoming a great nation and I pray to God we do become one. Other than that… I love Butler’s Carrot Cake, nihari nashta, and mango lassi. Koi kammi hai hamaray mulk main?”

Talha’s Sudden Fame in Pak:

tallie dar
Credits: TGIF Magazine, Pakistan

Although the boy is everywhere currently, he doesn’t like to term it as “fame”. He believes popularity on the internet eventually dies out.

“To me, fame without content is not success and success can come without fame. But hey, its exciting to be noticed!” 

Of course it is Talha, when you’re so perfect, people give you back a lot of love! Although some people had negative comments about him, he believes he can change their opinions once they get to know Talha for who he is.

We also asked Talha what was his family’s reaction to this sudden international fame, and he just said:

“Koi mithaiyan nahein banti. Bas duas from my mother for whatever is best for me, and thats enough for me.”

Talha Dar wants to be recognized for his own work through this recognition and fame he’s receiving worldwide. He’s already connecting with people from Pakistan and Canada on different projects, and he’s thrilled to show the world what he can cook up in a few months! So stay tuned, all of this doesn’t simply end here. He’s already being contacted for modelling projects, and hey, when can we see him on HUM TV? I mean, just look at him!

not zayn nor harry, its tallie.

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I’m not Italian but can I Rome you to the wildest places? ?

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i don’t really care if you cry

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Talha Dar’s Interests:

Well, we found out that Talha LOVES travelling. Different cultures and traditions attract him, and according to his mates, he can’t stay at one city for long. He was in Pakistan less than 2 weeks, and he travelled all of Islamabad and Lahore as well.


tourist in my own homeland ??

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He is also an utmost foodie, his most favourite cuisine is Pakistani and Italian. His favourite hobby is Fishing, that he inherited from his Paternal side. He has been going down for fishing to Gujarat every summer during fishing season, where he would sit along with his family from dawn to dusk. He says it was a great way to bond with the family. Other than that, he loves soccer and cricket, his favourite teams are Manchester United and the Pakistani cricket team!

Talha Dar has big plans for his future, and says he doesn’t want to disappoint the 7 year old Talha, who had great dreams or himself. He’s got some business projects with his colleagues down the road, some modelling offers, and he intends on starting a video channel with his friends. His biggest influence in terms of professionalism and career is his grand father. However, in terms of valuing ethics, morals, its his mother. And in terms of determination, hard work, and everything else, its his father. (Get yourselves a man who loves his family just that much!)

Lastly, when asked, Talha Dar clearly said he has never thought of himself as Zayn or Harry, either, although he is a fan of both. The first time he was compared to Zayn Malik was when he was 15, visiting family in South Africa. They were at the mall when a man came upto him asking for a picture, claiming he looked like Zayn and his sister was a huge fan, so it would make her happy. It happened shortly after, when a group of girls walked upto him asking for pictures because they thought he was Zayn as well!

Talha Dar’s final advice to the youth of today is:

“Never sell yourself short. Realize your potential in you. Ironic because I was compared to Zayn and Harry – but I haven’t changed my personality to become a mimic of another personality. I want people to know who Talha Dar is, and what he’s accomplishing. Everyone should have that mindset. Don’t try to be someone else, make your own legacy.”




  1. Man love this, good luck Talha for you future Masha Allah so proud of you that you’re Pakistani man, feeling proud rn May Allah give you fame in right way don’t forget that we’re with you KEEP GOING X

  2. Loved the article man I see u going placez and becoming the new wow factor Like u weren’t already lol keep it up and keep growing growing and growIng even more lol and I don’t mean this in height lol jk love u brother lol


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