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A theatre is the centuries old method of sensitizing the people with civic issues; actually, it also plays a significant role in individual development, and different social issues of the society which is also Tamasha is doing. 

Tamasha YESPeace is a project of The Little Art has launched an extensive program focusing youth empowerment through theater and performing arts on issues of peace, conflict resolution, and diversity.

More than 32 young adults, aged between 16 and 25, participated in the first session of workshops in Lahore. The six-day long, 31st July to 5th August 2017 workshop hosted 5 participants from Quetta, 1 from Islamabad, 1 from Sheikhupura, 1 from Taxila and 24 from Lahore. The YesPeace program will have three rounds of workshops during the course of the project, two in Lahore and one in Islamabad. A collaborative closing event of the workshops will take place in Islamabad on which the work of other YesPeace partners will also be presented.

YESPeace Pakistan core group was formed in December 2016 to set up the YESPeace Pakistan. The core group consists of three organizations – The Little Art, CYAAD, Pakistan Youth Alliance; and is supported by UNESCO Islamabad office. Initiated by UNESCO MGIEP (, It is a network of networks which aims to mobilize youth on issues of peace and sustainable development.

The interactive theatre workshop included activities such as games, exercises, and techniques to create dialogue on the main issues. Amongst the activities, the workshop also included sessions on ‘youth as agents of sustainable change’ and ‘promoting values of global citizenship education through performing arts.’

Komal Bhatti, a participant of the workshop, said that learning of how to perform in routine life besides on stage in the theatre was learned.

Rizwana Ansari hails from Quetta workshop provided basic learning about how to perform in the theater besides the history of theater.


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