Tanzeela Mazhar PTV anchor

PTV anchor Tanzeela Mazhar has resigned from her post in the channel as management didn’t seriously address her harassment complaint against current affairs director Agha Shorish Masood.

In her Twitter post while sharing about her resignation, Tanzeela said, “PTV is being hijacked by perverts, I did my bit to improve things, alas moral corruption won over morals.”

In her resignation, she said, “Things were made tough for me to work and I was facing great psychological torture every day.”

While talking on how PTV authorities protected Agha Masood Shorish, the alleged harasser, Tanzeela wrote in her resignation, “I regret that the higher management of PTV chose to save one person over the reputation of PTV… so I find it very difficult to continue working.”

It was astonishing that Tanzeela Mazhar couldn’t get justice when the ministry which controls the institution is run under Maryam Aurangzeb, the minister for information and broadcasting.

While slamming the PMLN government’s flawed claims of working on women empowerment, Tanzeela said,

It seems that PTV management was always non-serious towards Tanzeela Aslam’s harassment complaint as inquiry committee’s response was always unethical and evident from the absurd questions they asked from the anchor.

Tanzeela had also shared her stance on the matter on social media to which PTV management had come up with a vigorous response and had issued a notice, barring the anchor from defaming organization on social media.

Tanzeela Mazhar had shared that notice too on Twitter.


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