The annual budget for the year 2017-2018 will be announced on May 26, 2017, to the public. We are hearing news about an increase of 2% Federal Excise Tax on imported makeup.

Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life. It seems like they even carry makeup in their bags as summer essentials, just to refresh their look throughout the day. Since these cosmetics are now a necessity, why would the Government tax it as if it were a luxury?

On average, a mascara costs Rs. 1000, a lipstick is for Rs. 600, we pay Rs. 800 for a blush-on and an eyeliner each, whereas a foundation costs us Rs. 2000. These products altogether cost Rs. 5200, however, if the said tax is applied, then the price is expected to reach an approximate value of Rs. 6000!

Now as the prices of these cosmetics increase, even the working woman on a budget will have to think twice before she buys cosmetics for herself. It is an alarming situation for men because they will have to fulfill the needs of their wives within their minimum salaries, regardless of this increase.

Every woman wants to feel glamorous, and makeup helps them feel confident. Several women are very cross regarding the increase of prices of cosmetics, perfumes, etc. According to them, the prices of these cosmetics should lower, so the average woman on a budget can buy makeup for herself easily. And even if the budget for all other items will increase, the government could have excused the beauty industry from it.

Cosmetics is an accessory which should be available to women of all classes.  If the government imposes this said tax, then yet again the average woman will be deprived of experiencing one more joy of life. We waiting for the speech which will happen today, where the government will announce the new budget. We will update you accordingly.


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