Tips to hotel staff on taxpayer's money by Pakistani rulers

Pakistani President and Prime Minister exploited millions of taxpayer’s on the name of tips during their official visits to foreign countries.

Audit officials revealed that an amount of US$ 101,414 & £ 3000 was paid to CP (Chief of Protocol) for payment of tips during 2006-2009 on the occasions of President/Prime Minister’s visits abroad but no adjustment thereof was available on record.

Relevant rules state that the HOM and CP must send duly signed receipts to Ministry of Record.

The document that said the non-adjustment of advance payment as tips also informed, “Either the details of utilization of entire expenditure duly signed by the HOM of concerned CP may be provided, or amount may be recovered from officers concerned under intimation of Audit. Moreover, efforts may be made to avoid recurrence of such practices in future.

Disclosures about such ruthless spending were made in PAC (Public Accounts Committee).Audit officials informed that US$ 7000 were spent during the four visits to Ankara, Turkey. Arif Alvi, a member of PAC, remarked that US $7000 is enough for a delegation to stay in a hotel for one complete week.

Representatives from financial ministry informed that VVIP officials pay tips during their visits to the foreign countries for which special funds are issued from the government’s treasury.

They further reported that President and Prime Minister give tips to hotel employees, for which no receipt is mandatory, and any expenditures in this regard are not accounted for.

Audit officials remarked that there must be accountability for any such expenses, how much money has gone out of government treasury must be reported.

It is astonishing how easily finance ministry can say that keeping the record of such payment is not mandatory while rulers are ruthlessly throwing away taxpayer’s money on the name of tips to the hotel crew during the official visits. If they care about their honor then should care to save it before the people of their country first.


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