Tayyab Erdogan

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, is all set to give a warm welcome to Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdogan. Foolproof security measures have been taken by deploying 6000 security personnel in the city. As per media headlines Lahore is decorated like a bride, despite the fact that relationship between Pakistan and Turkey are decades old and both the countries are acutely aware of each other’s personal affair.

The government has made the lavish arrangements for Turkish presidents to Lahore. 100 rooms are dedicated for the accommodation of president and other government officials. Kamran Lashari, the chairman of Walled City, has organised a cultural night in Lahore fort to honor our distinguished guest. All the shops and market that come in the route of Turkish president would remain close and public wouldn’t be allowed to visit the places like Greater Iqbal Park.

Amidst all these arrangements and public’s difficulties to deal with temporary change in routine, the Punjab Police has surely something on which they can feast.. On historic occasion of Erdogan’s visit to Lahore, Police officials are feeling so special as they don’t have to be in that typical grey shirt and khaki pants. Instead, they have to put on jet black suits with a blue tie, something which would bring out the real gentleman in me, an image that had buried beneath the eroded image of corrupt policemen.

There is no doubt that nations and individuals follow the tradition of unlimited spending when it comes to welcoming of special guests. As evident, we don’t have money to fund the security of a police training institution, but we have enough to offer the suits to police officials so that we can provide a VIP security to a different president. Yes, internal strength is not as establishing ties with a far off country would be enough to guarantee a more unionised nation.

We are as a nation dealing with vices like poverty, corruption, inadequate health facilities, low literacy rate, terrorism and many other problems.

Even the very nature of Erdogan’s visit to Lahore is the depiction of the fact that ruling party of Pakistan is more concentrated in Punjab, and our prime minister seems to be a PM of Punjab and not of Pakistan. On his seventh visit to Pakistan, not even once, Erdogan has thought to visit the Peshawar, Quetta or any other city of the Pakistan other than capital. The fact is that Punjab always dominates the other provinces in the centre.

The ruling party in Pakistan believes in establishing the personal relations with foreign officials rather than seeing them on the national level. Ban of Pak-Turkish schools in Pakistan in an attempt to please the Erdogan is another way to prioritise the personal interest of a president rather than analysing scenario at a country’s level; perhaps they are not sure that 65 years have been completed to Pak-Turk friendship and not to Pak-Erdogan friendship.


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