Teachers in PEEF school faces corruption

Teachers in Pakistan continue to suffer from underpayment despite their higher qualification and hard work at the institutes.

The latest incident of such type came into limelight when Outlook Pakistan received a complaint from a resident of Rajan Pur, District of Southern Punjab complained that he received PKR 5500 only for teaching in a private school in his town.

He told Outlook Pakistan that in documents salary for a teacher who holds a degree in Masters is PKR 10,000 while he was receiving PKR 5500 only. When he raised his concern with school administration, he was told that 10,000 salary was just an attempt to show, it was only on paper.

Teacher, who possesses a Masters degree in commerce ironically, teaches in a middle school associated with PEF (Punjab Education Foundation).

“Such private schools are showing more salary to the government while giving only half of it to the teachers,” said the victim in his complaint.

Like other societies, people in Pakistan also consider higher education a means to get the high positions in professional life and achieve financial strength, no one works hard and gets a Masters in Commerce degree only to teach at a middle school in return of PKR 5000 only.

If a PEF associated school is not taking care of his teachers then how come one expect from other private schools to reward their teachers according to their qualification and hard work. In times of skyrocketing inflation, there is no way PKR 10,000 monthly income can prove to be enough for fulfilling the needs of raising a family.

Such level of negligence simply implies that government is creating more financially week families that wouldn’t be able to afford higher education for their children as the result of which more programs like PEEF (Punjab Education Endowment Fund) would be called for.

The endowment fund is meant for giving away scholarships to the students who are talented and capable of continuing higher education, but their financial constraints bar them from doing so.

While addressing the National Freelancing Convention at Arfa Software Technology Park in Lahore, Chief Minister Punjab highlighted the achievements of PEF in making financially deprived youngsters to access the higher education and contribute to the society. These students who passed out from the university may act as a fruitful addition to PML-N’s vote bank but what if the teachers and other professionals who are being maltreated rise against the government?

The government is already facing the wrath of young doctors who remain on the roads most of the times of a year to get their demands heard. If Punjab government didn’t take notice of the suffering by teachers at a school associated with their projects, then more protestors would start flooding the roads.



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