Lydia Ferguson Selfies

It is very common for Muslims to face hate crimes in the West for their religious attire due to prevalent Islamophobia in those parts of the world. But this time a teacher caused outrage among the administration of her school for posting her selfies in an allegedly bold dress.

School authorities of Ousedale secondary, Newport Pegnall, Bucks suspended a teacher Lydia Ferguson for posting sultry selfies on Facebook.

Followed by their teacher’s suspension students protested against the decision of school authorities and signed a petition “Get Miss Ferguson Back,” and it got almost 250 signatures including those from the parents, reported Telegraph.

Students were of the opinion that their teacher wore a dress that was quite normal to wear in England, there was nothing extraordinary about it. They remarked,

“We think miss looks lovely”

They also opined how good their teacher was by saying, “She is a brilliant teacher.”

They said,

“All it was showing was a bit of legs”

Lydia Ferguson selfie

It seems that school administration didn’t pay attention to the demands of their children and continued with their decision. There is no doubt that apart from cultural constraints within a country, every organization has its set of rules for following a particular dress code, something which is in contradiction with the civil liberties.

Have you ever felt not being able to enjoy the freedom of wearing your choice of dress in public due to cultural constraints, especially in an Eastern country? If yes, then this is not only your dilemma. Even the people in the West have not been able to overcome those cultural constraints yet, and the case mentioned above is just an example.

At times, expressions are not merely a matter of choice; some strong belief powers them. Just take the example of a Muslim woman who thinks taking hijab as an essential part of her lifestyle because she firmly believes so. If she is forced to come in office by taking off headscarf, which is called Hijab, then she may not feel comfortable in carrying on even her daily life tasks and duties for her office.

It is 2017, the human race is looking forward to dominating the entities of time and space, but we have still not been able to find common grounds for ensuring our co-existence through acceptance of diversity.


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