Balu Mahi Title Track

Balu Mahi title track is just outĀ serving as a gap filler for the part songs in Pakistani movies.

Technical details apart; the song is just a vacuum pads in new Pakistani movies that are admittedly lacking in new Pakistani films that often lack the streak of traditional entertainment to mark a more sober appearance.

Balu Mahi title track

No doubts that certain cultural constraints couldn’t restrict traditional Punjabi movies to express boldness but a new lot of films is making a terrible struggle to supply entertaining hip-hop party songs by putting them in a conservative apparel.

Perhaps this is the reason that party spot in Balu Mahi title track was missing a bar and dancing girls with bold dressing moves. Yes, the look of hero and heroine along with all the party people on the floor seemed to be quite like school going kids, but it was still fun to see emerging of such entertainment.

The rom-com appears to be a complete recipe containing the touch of every fun ingredient viewers want to feast upon in the form of a good movie. Earlier, a romantic qawwali type song “Rang Dey Chunar” came from the filmĀ that was also a good music playlist addition for the audience.





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