Pakistani film Saladin, visuals like Game of Thrones

New Pakistani film that would feature Game of Thrones like visuals would be a treat for the Pakistani audience.

Upcoming Pakistani film Saladin that features the life and campaigns of the famous Muslim warrior Salahuddin Ayubi is going to present unique and astonishing visuals that have never remained a part of Pakistani films.

Pakistani man Umer Agha who just studied filmmaking at the Columbia University is getting into this venture as he is fond of the medieval history. He shot the teaser trailer in Lahore, from which Umer wants to give a glimpse of what he wants to bring out for the audience.

He posted a picture narrating the idea of his film on the Facebook and response of the public was fantastic. It shows that Pakistani viewers are looking forward to experiencing something entirely new out of these rom-com movies that are coming out as an attempt to revive Pakistani cinema.

Arnault Vallette, the concept artist for Games of Thrones and Marvel Studio, said, “Umer has a unique vision, and he knows exactly how this project should look.”

The Zero- budget trailer shot in Lahore is a proof, how much artist is capable of doing within a limited budget. Umer Agha who is looking for funding to support the film is putting his effort to bring a change in Pakistani film industry that would finally make it stand comparison with international film industries.

Making a movie on a warrior’s life that is so filled with campaigns and belongs to the medieval era is not such an easy task. It needs a lot of work on costumes, set designing, and visuals that would make it look much near to the reality.

Pakistani filmmakers are now working hard to bring out unique concepts like first Pakistani superhero character for kids or near to reality action scenes choreographed by Hollywood artists in Maula Jutt an upcoming film of Bilal Lashari.


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