Massive Chicken

The video of a massive chicken going out of the cage is going viral on social media while leaving the audience terrified.

After spotting this mammoth bird on social media, viewers believed it to be a man in the costume of a chicken.

Initially, people couldn’t understand if this was real as they kept on labeling this as a fake one.

This harmless creature was deemed to be a monster leaving people scared.

Yes, it is amazing; i is crazy but how come it is supposed to be fearful as this man says.

This man thought it necessary to make the man beware of this scary bird who had potential to harm their kids.

But the bird in this video was real and belonged to Heritage breed of Brahma chicken that was imported from Shanghai, China, The Livestock Conservancy said in a Facebook post.

People are wondering what food supplements this bird would be using to attain this size. Scary, terrifying, capable of causing devastation or worth to be placed in the museum; the bird is also an inspiration for the body builders.


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