Tetrapack milk brands PFA has declared fit for consumption


Are you still confused about which of the milk brands to use after coming across the news of companies selling poisonous chemicals in the name of dairy products? Here is the answer.

According to reports, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has cleared the names of the tetra pack and pasteurized milk brands whose products are satisfactory and up to the hygienic standards.

PFA had collected the samples of from certain dairy brands from March 15 to March 20 and got them tested from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). The samples were also sent to two German laboratories named, SGS and Intertek.

Here is the list of Tetrapack milk brands that passed this test;

  1. Olper’s
  2. Haleeb
  3. Good Milk
  4. Nestle Milk Pack
  5. Nesvita
  6. Noor Pur

Pasteurized milk brands that PFA declared satisfactory for consumption through the test mentioned above are;

  1. Achaa
  2. Anhaar
  3. Prema
  4. Daily Dairy
  5. Day Fresh
  6. Adams Milk
  7. Gourmet
  8. Nutrivi
  9. Doce Milk

PFA  had started crackdown against the milk brands after Supreme Court had ordered a chemical examination of all the brands selling packaged milk in Pakistan. SC took action after research reports emerged revealing that different dealers were selling poison in the name of milk while making consumers pay for their lives.

PFA had found during its inquiry that many brands were not complying with regulations and hence selling tainted products to customers. Authority had also penalized the culprits and also issued notices to comply with regulations.


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