Marylin Monroe dress sold for $4.8mn

“Designers want me to dress like spring in billowing things, I don’t feel like Spring, I feel like a long warm autumn”, Marylin Monroe.

Don’t give a damn to man when your dress only costs $4.8 million.

The dress of Marylin Monroe, the legendary American actress of 50s, has been sold for $4.8 million. Monroe wore this dress on the occasion of the Democratic President of America, John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday on 19th May 1962. She paid tribute to the President by singing a song, Happy Birthday Mr President.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum bought the dress for $4.8 million. Julian Auctions, presented the dress for sale in Los-Angeles and expected it to fetch an amount of $1.8 million. This customized gown by Jean-Louis fit such tightly to the body of Monroe that actress was sewn into it. The long dress features the 2500 crystals embedded in it. The lady presented herself in a surprising way before the audience of 1500, by removing a white coat to show the nude colored white gauzed dress.

The wear is said to be the most expensive dress ever sold in any auction. Monroe;s iconic dress is a model for the hip hop culture of that time and proves the popularity of legendary screen actress even within millennial.

Performing on this occasion, Monroe paid tribute to the Kennedy by singing the song, “Happy Birthday Mr President. This performance was the last ever by the actress, and she died after three months of the event. President Kennedy was also murdered after one year of this incident in 1962.

It is not only the association of dress with the most famous actress of-of its time, Its design, style and cut also present a special treat to the eyes.

Monroe who was considered to be more like a sex symbol than an actress, the lady had to pass through very aggravating circumstances throughout her life. Out of sheer depression, she became addicted to alcohol and finally died to an excessive use of drugs.


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