Textile mill owner’s brutal treatment to his workers goes viral


A video of a factory owner in Karachi abusing his workers is going viral on social media.

The video reportedly shows how Abdur Rehman Chawla, owner of the Adnan Textile Ltd, is brutally treating his subordinates for minor reasons.

Just because he is the owner, possesses power and thus owes the right to question his workers for every wrong doings, he has crossed all the limits by showing such disrespect to humanity through this inhumane behavior.

It seems that there is no end to the sufferings of workers who are sacrificing their blood to earn a profit for their owners. Every day we come across incidents of a fire breaking at the sites, factory roofs falling on the labors resulting in deaths and injuries but the government never considers to pay attention perhaps the lives of poor have no value.

In case if employees don’t comply with rules and regulations then their companies should adopt at least “seemingly civilized” procedures. Such acts of humiliations bear testimony to the fact that slavery ended centuries ago but corporates are still keeping it alive even in present day even in many forms.

Injustice to workers in Pakistan

Earlier in January, almost seven workers of HCS (Habib Construction Services Ltd) had died after a fire broke out at their residence. The labors were working on multi-billion Orange Line train project. Unfortunately, no one considered these lives worth enough to inquire about the incidents and put on trial those who were responsible for it.

These are not the only incidents. Deaths of Baldia factory workers and those who perished in Gadani ship breaking yard echoes only in clamors of human rights activists. If the government can not bring the murderers of the human being into trial then how come it can take notice of such humiliating behavior of a factory owner to his subordinates.


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