Textile sector

APTMA (All Pakistan Textile Mills Association)’s emergency meeting is on its way in Lahore. The government should be ready to face protest on behalf of the business community and the in particular textile industry that is heading towards demise due to its nonchalant behaviour.

From years the association is complaining about the loss Pakistan’s textile sector is facing due to massive production costs and power sector crises in the country, but Govt. is paying no attention.

After the meeting is over textile mill owners who suffered the loss would have a sit in protest against the government’s unfriendly policy for the textile sector. Association is of the opinion that more than 70 mills have already been closed as production cost of textile mills have increased dramatically. Thousands of workers who earned from the resources of this industry have become unemployed.

The significant portion of these costs goes to the high electricity costs textile mills have to pay. Those factories located in Punjab become the worst victim as they have to pay per unit cost of electricity much greater than other provinces. APTMA demands that government should provide more gas connection to the textile industry while keeping the per unit price only 1t 7 Rs.

APTMA Punjab heralded about the collapse of the textile industry that would, in turn, may impact the cotton farmer in Pakistan badly. Our textile exports have already decreased up to $1.5 billion.

APTMA also harshly criticised the government’s policy of increasing trade with India as it was affecting Pakistan’s industrial sector. Instead of making its way to a producer economy by establishing the manufacturer friendly policies Government was hell-bent making Pakistan a consumer-oriented economy.

Instead of adopting a strict stance on India after it is threatening to stop water supply, PMLN government is allowing the dumping fibre and cotton. Association is also demanding the government to adopt the strict policy for trade with India.


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