The D-Day of Panama: Will Supreme Court disqualify Nawaz Sharif?


Full Bench of Supreme Court hearing the Panama Leaks case will give judgment tomorrow as the duty roster of the Apex Court has mentioned the setting of the bench at 11:30 AM. The political pundits, legal experts and followers of the PML-N, and PTI are giving their own narrative on the expected decision based upon their wishes.

However, it is expected that the SC will not disqualify the Prime Minister on Article 62 and 63 of Constitution of Pakistan which describes the condition of being Sadiq and Ameen for the elected representatives, public office holders, and the Prime Minister.

The expected decision which is already suggested by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is to refer the case of Nawaz Sharif’s family corruption to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for further investigations and decision.

The SC’s full bench is also expected to suggest the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif leave the public office of the premier till the findings of the NAB investigation in order to ensure a fair trial and investigation in the case. But this suggestion is expected to be verbal in the court proceedings rather in the written.

So the Court will again throw the ball in Nawaz Sharif’s court to put pressure on him to leave the Prime Minister house instead of giving a direct order.

This might not only save the skin of Prime Minister and provide him an opportunity to become a leader again but also give a safe passage to the court as well as avoiding a possible public wrath on the disqualification.

Such a decision wouldn’t make the leadership, as well as the followers of PTI happy; and same will be the case with PML-N and its fans.

Such a scenario might open another Pandora box for the election of a new Prime Minister from the Parliament.

The PML-N has been looking for all of its cards in the event of any unfavorable decision, including the dissolution of parliament; however, the cunning Asif Zardari has been giving full support to Nawaz Sharif which means the PML-N will further fight the case instead of tendering a resignation.


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