The dilemma of a young doctor in Pakistan


I am a young doctor who is practising but pay less. I worked hard to obtain 950+ marks in matric, 1000+ marks in FSc, then sacrificed all the post exam summer vacations and prepared for Mcat to gain entry in a medical institute; this is not the all. I burdened my fragile youth by making it a victim of the rough and tough routine of medical college spread over the time span of five years.

All my effort was not aimed at to ultimately to join a sit-in and block roads for demanding very rights that state should have offered to a young doctor like me.

Yes, I admit, my saying that I acceded to the honourable medical profession only to serve my nation and humanity, but why you took it too seriously.

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Don’t hold me accountable for the sufferings of public due to roads blockage and unavailability of services in the hospitals as I flee my duty to join the protest. Don’t blame me for the misfortune of patients who died in the hospitals because I was not there to cure them. It was not my greed that caused this loss; it was a delusion of living a luxurious life that tricked me to fall a victim of this pathetic life a doctor in Pakistan has to suffer, and your policies proved that this was merely a delusion.

Whom I should hold accountable for all those fun filled weddings of my cousins which I didn’t attend, the lively family get to gathers I missed and the chilling hang-outs wth friends that were entirely devoid of me.

Before holding me accountable justify your new Central Induction Policy ( that bars the young medical graduates to enroll in higher education for specialization.

Every year 10,000 doctors graduate from the medical institutes of Punjab and according to your new policy only 400 graduates would be accepted as PG internees, the rest of 9600 surely find there way to roads

Do you really think I made myself a scapegoat because my heart was so filled with the pain for gloomy and desolate humanity; Not at all, it was the society that showed me dreams of a luxurious life a doctor would enjoy.

Just look at the miserable condition I am in. After passing out my medical institute, I hardly managed to land a job in a hospital that too with no salary for me. My life as a practising doctor was far much worse than the one I spent in my institute. Twenty-four hours of duty, sleepless nights and unkempt physical appearance, this is what I have got as a result of my 17 precious years of asceticism.

Yes, I am a young doctor who is not young anymore as my strenuous work during education and now in the field has made me deprived of all the juvenile attributes.


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