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Better Life Index 2016 released by OECD (Organization for Economic Development) reveals the top 11 countries of the world where people can enjoy the high quality of life. OECD analysed the quality of life by studying the parameters such as quality of education, environmental health, financial health, the condition of safety and peace, etc.

11. Netherlands

The best feature that makes the country worth living is its quality of education. OECD survey reveals that students in Netherlands enjoy a high standard of education as their scores in subjects like science and math are always above average.

10. Iceland

No doubts, that name of Scandinavian countries always makes it to the list when it comes to high standard of life. The best feature of Iceland is its unemployed labour force which is only 0.7% below than the OECD’s average of 2.6%.

9. USA

The world’s economic power USA has come on number 9 as due to high wealth, income and areas of houses. Average household income of a US citizen is above US$40,000 which tops the OECD’s list.

8. Finland

If you want to enjoy more leisure time and work less than Finland is probably the best choice is only 4% of the workforce has to work for long hours which is for less than OECD’s average of 13%.

7. NewZealand

Given the global warming and rapid climate change, Newzealand is going to be the right choice for living as it has the very low environmental population, most probably due to less number of population.

6. Sweden

Sweden can be termed as a country where people are more aware of their rights and care who rules them; this is evident from the fact that 83% voter’s turnout is observed in country’s elections.

5. Canada

This is the country where you are surely going to get your home. The housing prices in Canada are very low, and people can benefit from the affordable housing. Being in Canada means chances of being homeless are very less.

4. Switzerland

The attractive feature of Switzerland is the low rate of unemployment which is lower to 3%, one of the ideal unemployment rate in the world.

3. Denmark

Denmark which also boasts to be the happiest nation around the globe, its residents can enjoy the highest number of paid vacations. An average resident in Denmark spends 665 days without working.

2. Australia

The country has become second on the list as its people are said to be more united and trustworthy. The 90% of Australian citizens believe that they can trust their fellow citizen.

1. Norway

Norway tops the list as people have no issues to worry about, they are available with high standard education, highest paid jobs and live a lifespan above the average age of human beings.


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