Pakistani Dramas show immoral content

Pakistani dramas in Pakistan are providing entertainment to the audience on the cost social and cultural values that define our society.

On the name of recreation and to add more spicy content, channels are airing the shows that openly sabotage the key religious and cultural values and play their part to distract and misguide viewers.

Here are the few examples of the TV dramas that have openly defied the religious and social principles to attract the audience and increase ratings but Pemra has remained silent throughout the course.


Hum Tv drama Pakeeza has openly defied the family laws as an ex-wife continued to live with her husband even after the separation by using the excuse of her daughter who was elder enough to get married.

Khuda Dekh Raha Hai

Khuda Dekh Raha Hai

In the A Plus, Drama Serial Khuda Deikh Raha Hai husband makes a scholar to give a forged ruling so that he can live with his wife even after the divorce against her will.


In ARY drama Arabiya husband backtracks after divorcing his wife even his sister and mother bear witness to the fact. His wife who later files the case of Khula returns to the husband just to make sure that her sister lives and peace and doesn’t get disturbed.

Zara Yaad Ker

Zara Yad Kar

In Hum TV drama Zara Yaad Ker, heroine after taking separation from her husband looks another man for Halala so that she can remarry her ex-husband again. In actual, the condition of Halala applies when a divorced woman marries another man who divorces her or dies. Only in this condition, she can remarry her ex-husband.

Joru Ka Ghulam

Distorted implementation of Halala rule repeats in Geo TV drama Joru Ka Ghulam where a man uses paid Halala to remarry his ex-wife.



In Hum TV drama a girl asks for her share in property from her grandfather after her father dies. Woman files a case in court to get her share. Such event is entirely contrary to the principles that don’t allow grandchildren to inherit property from their grandparents after their parents die.

In Pakistani society, prime time TV shows play a prominent role in entertaining the audience and also shaping the opinions. Especially, females inherit a particular influence on their lives through fashion and style trends that are commonly shown through dramas.

Pemra which is busy in giving notices to news channels and morning shows often neglects the content of entertainment shows unless some severe and out of the routine issue emerges like it happened with the case of Hum Tv Drama Kiti Girhein Baqi Hain.


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