Things you don’t know about Anzhelika Tahir, Miss Pakistan World


Miss World Pakistan Anzhelika Tahir has stormed the social media with her beautiful, gorgeous and rather bold photographs on the internet. Anzhelika’s instant fame has a history of very severe struggle that she did manifest herself with all her talents.

Here are the few astonishing facts about Anzhelika Tahir.

The lady spurred the criticism on social media when her picture in swimsuit became viral.

Anzhelika was born in Ukraine, but her family belongs from Shekhupura Pakistan. While being in Ukraine, she had to face the discrimination by face and had to struggle hard for making herself acceptable in an environment that was very much opposed to diversity.

She also gave rise to speculation that she would be representing Pakistan in Miss World Pageant which is not true as Anzhelika would present the country in another international level event known as Miss Earth.

Anzhelika Tahir Miss Pakistan World

She won the Miss Pakistan in the year 2015 and registered herself as the new celebrated beauty of Pakistan. Many expected her to lead the country on the international level.

The lady also believes in carrying a good image of the country with her and also remains active on social media to opine on different issues. According to a Facebook status of her, she took proud in contesting in Miss Super Talent of the world pageant. She posted her thoughts as:

Anzhelika Tahir Miss Pakistan World

The model also feels free to express her opinions on the social issues of this country, she took the stand in the honor killing and condemned the incident of Qandeel Baloch.

Anzhelika the Miss Pakistan World, who is also known as Miss World Pakistan has come a long way to fight against the taboos in Pakistani society.


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