Things NOT to do on an Eid get-together!


Eid is a holy festival that we used to love as children. But as we’ve grown up and technology has taken over, it looks like social media and phones are taking away the spirit of Eid. Well, there are certain things you definitely should avoid on an Eid get-together, and the following are some of them:

  • Don’t sleep the entire day:

Okay, I know this is probably the hardest thing to do. You’re going to go to bed late at night due to all the hype and celebrations of Chaand raat, and then you’re gonna be tired in the morning.

But try to go to bed early at night so you wake up fresh for the Eid prayers in the morning! Plus, Eid is all about family and friends. Don’t sleep during the day, take out time, sit and enjoy a lovely family Eid get-together!

  • Don’t ditch spending time with family:

You already know there are going to be several relatives who are going to come see you on Eid, or you’re going to go to their house.

Well, if they’re at your house, try to go and interact with them. There might be some relatives who you haven’t met in a while, so you’d like to catch up on their lives. And it doesn’t matter if you’re tired and don’t want to go to someone’s house! Eid comes only once a year, so get up that lazy bum and go to your chacha, taya, mamu’s house. You won’t regret it!

  • Don’t use your phone or laptop:

Socialise in real life. Those Eid selfies and pictures and “Slay” “Stunnerrr” “Mesmerizing!” comments can wait until later.

No excuses for using your phone or laptop or social media when sitting with family on Eid.

  • Don’t eat like Zindagi main pehli dafa khana dekha hay:

Maybe mahinay ke baad itna zayada khana aik dam dekha hay, but doesn’t mean you embarrass yourself in front of everyone on an Eid get-together. There’s plenty of food for everyone! So don’t worry about it, and eat slowly…steadily.

  • Don’t hit on others:

This goes for all you pindi boys…and girls too. If you’re going to sit across me on a table and a room and smile at me, thinking just because I’m not looking I don’t notice, then I’m sorry. You’re wrong. Keep the Ramadan vibe alive people. Lots of cute boys in black shalwaar kameez are gonna there on Eid, and so are lots of girls in vibrant lipsticks. Control…your…self.

  • Try not to target a sibling to make fun of them:

Okay, this happens. Within family on an Eid get-together, you’re going to eventually find this one target that everyone’s going to roast. So try that it’s not one of your own siblings, that too at your own house, or you’re going to get a pretty great scolding from your parents while your siblings cry and run around the house complaining.

  • If you’re the target, don’t get offended:

And while you’re at it, if you’re the one who’s the target of the whole family, don’t get offended. Take it as light humour, or else you’re going to ruin Eid for your ownself and others too!



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