law student

I remember initially everyone asked me, “Are you sure you wanna do Law? You sure you don’t wanna get a degree that’s perhaps more…decent? Respected?” Hello, y’all get your mouths shut as soon as there’s a lawyer in the room. OF COURSE, I wanna go to Law school and become a lawyer!

  1. “Aren’t all lawyers liars?”

law student

Oh Lord, one thing I will never forget is my orientation week at Law school as a law student. Every motivational speaker who came to us basically just made fun of the students calling us “liars” instead of lawyers.

But then again, SO many Pakistanis say “Acha jee, MashAllah! Tou bacha liar ban raha hay?” For God’s sake Uncle jee.


2. “Well, you basically earn a living by lying, right?”

law students

No, we don’t! Not every lawyer has to be a liar to earn a living. It solely depends on you, whether you choose the side of justice, or whether you want to spend the rest of your life defending corrupt people! Again, not every lawyer is a liar.

3. “You’re a girl, why are YOU becoming a lawyer?”

law student

So I can simply sue you in the future for ever questioning another girl that. You think us girls shouldn’t be a law student or can’t become lawyers? Wait till you see us rollin’ in court.

4. Don’t you get bored of wearing that uniform all the time?”

law student

Don’t you get tired of picking out flaws in us? Besides, we think we look pretty great in our suits.


5. “Will you help me get away with corruption or murder by fighting my case for me?”

law student

Are you kidding me? Just…go away. Please.

6. “Why do we have to learn this law, only to find out it was ruled out by another law?”

law student

Same Kylie, same. We learn one law that’s not in use anymore, only to learn another law that was overruled by another law, which was overruled by another. What sorcery is this?

7. Every judge in a mock trial ever: “Everything you’re saying is absolutely correct, but the verdict isn’t gonna be in your favor young lad.”

law student

BUT your honor! He murdered my client!

8. “Do judges wear wigs all the time?” 

law student

Honey, you’re talking to a law student in Pakistan. Not the United Kingdom. No, our judges don’t wear wigs.

9. “Will you become a divorce lawyer?”

law student

Bhai jaan, pehle LLB complete karloun? Shukriya.

10. Family comes to you with legal problems you have no idea about…

law student

Calm down, Aunty jee! I’m in my first year of law. I don’t know all these legal terms and legal problems?! But I will still stare at the papers and nod as if I know everything…


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