Three Pakistani photographs receive Sony World Photography Award 2017


Pakistani photographer, Shabir Mian’s photograph got selected as the Best Image for Sony World Photography Award 2017 in National Awards category, held by the World Photography Organisation. The category featured local photos from 66 countries.

In an epic photo that shows a child in Pakistani attire walking over a railway track in the rain while carrying an umbrella over his head with a smile on his face is a worth watch.

By Shabir Mian/ World Photography Organisation

The level of fearlessness that child exhibits while dancing on the track is awesome indeed. No wonders why Shabir Mian’s picture got the first prize.

The image that got the second prize was by Sanwal Deen and featured a woman lying on the bed in desperation, smoking a cigarette while being accompanied by a hash-tray.

woman smoking away problems
Sanwal Deen / World Photography Organisation

Muaz Asim’s photograph received the third prize; the image shows a careless, fearless girl playing with her thin braid while looking into the camera with an interpid gaze.

Interpid girl gazing into camera
Muaz Aslam/ World Photography Organisation

Winners were announced at a ceremony held in London.

The winner would receive imaging equipment that would enhance his photography skills. Winning pictures would be displayed at Somerset House exhibit.

Photographers from different countries can submit their work for various categories of the World Photography Organisation to enter in a competition.


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