Trump as President in oval office

“Hillary is a candidate of yesterday. We are a movement of the future,” Trump said in a final pitch to Florida voters.

His claim that he ‘is the change that America needs’. He has got a boost after WikiLeaks revelations on Hillary. Buoyed by opinion polls that favour him, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had started quoting them again at rallies – a practice he had abandoned when his chances appeared dimming.

“We are coming to the end of an incredible journey. Next Tuesday, we will turn the power back to the American people,” Trump said

Asking supporters in this crucial state to mobilise and vote. Trump is using all means to have voters on his side but its still not looking good for him. Mr Trump, who is doing six campaign events today, will also have his wife Melania and children fanning out to battleground States in the remaining five days until the election day. He will be using his full energy and resources to tackle the audience and cry for the votes, Remember the first time in USA history, the presidential candidate is not following the convention even he is saying that he will not accept his defeat. God knows he frames the charges of rigging, and then we will have one more similarity with the USA.

Mr Trump’s claim that he is the change that America needs has been emboldened in the last week of campaigning, against the convenient backdrop of continuing WikiLeaks revelations about the functioning of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s inner circles and a new FBI probe. Mr Trump’s challenges, as he told himself on a Florida stage, is to stay focused.

“We’ve got to be nice and cool, nice and calm. All right, stay on point Donald, stay on point,” he said to himself, as people laughed. “No sidetracks, Donald. Nice and easy.”

The message in the foreground is about changing what he calls the “rigged system,” but a black pastor who said prayers at the beginning was hardly subtle when he lambasted “Barack Hussein Obama,” emphasising the President’s middle name all the three times he said it. “The blacks, the whites and Hispanics, all of us will be united finally. When Donald Trump is President, we will not be defensive about praying to the one God, the creator,” he said, before the prayer.

A white female pastor vouched for Mr Trump’s character. “Trump will mean terror to terrorists. He will mean safety to the unborn child,” she said.

Trump criticised the President’s Obama Administration as ISIS leader audio tape came out recently and posed new threats.  

“President Obama is spending all his time campaigning for crooked Hillary, instead of fighting IS. Four years of Clinton rule will mean four more years of ISIS,” he said.

It looks like Trump has some phobia as again he explicitly pushed the limits in associating terrorists with Muslims. He reminded his listeners that Orlando was the target of a terrorist attack by an “Islamic terrorist.” Meanwhile President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders and Chelsea Clinton will reach out to voters directly in at least eight States today.


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