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PTV has been enslaved by the government since the beginning, if it was up to this channel, we would still be living in the illusion that news only is anchors talking about how farmers are trying to protect the crops.

Right now when the media is buzzed with the news regarding JIT and other important political issues, PTV seemed to be unaffected by the happenings of the country.

While all the other channels are trying to keep the public updated, helping them develop an opinion of their own, and empowering them to make the best judgment; PTV continues to be in some kind of denial.

In this digital age, when all the information of national or international status is just one click away, PTV is still forced to keep updating people about the crops and how well our government is doing. It is not a news channel anymore, it is a way to promote government’s agendas.

The government keeps PTV from delivering any news against them as if there is no other source for the people to know the truth. By doing this, they are only lowering the viewership of the channel, if there is any left.

It breaks our heart to see the channel we used to watch when we were younger still stuck it that time.

We think in these changing times when there is no limit to the opinions and facts available on news outlets and other social media channels, somebody needs to free the PTV which seems no less than a princess stuck in a sky-high tower.

We hope that us voicing our opinion on this matter would bring it to light and people would actually start demanding the freedom of speech for PTV.



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