Four Pakistani Youngsters kidnapped in Turkey

Four Pakistani youngsters from Gujranwala, Punjab have been kidnapped in the Turkey. Kidnappers who are demanding the 20,000 dollars as ransom money are brutally treating the young me who had been to Turkey eight months before ago for work and are in custody of kidnappers from 19 days.

Kidnappers have issued a video where they have tied up the victims and beating them with the sticks. The tattoos on the skin of helpless young men along with visible bruises are very clearly visible.

A resident from Mardan who is also a companion of the kidnappers is in contact with the relatives of the victims.

Zeeshan son or Riaz, Abid son of Muneer, Usman, and Adeel son of Khaleel are the four men who have been kidnapped in Turkey. First three men belonged to Bhagwan Pura Gujranwala while Adeel belonged to the Wazirabad, Gujranwala.

The violence and cruelty being done by kidnappers on youngsters are a harsh and inhumane act. The video also shows the cruel ma holding a knife onto the neck of the victim. Despite the appeal of the help of victims relatives from media and Government, no institutions have come forward to take an interest in the matter.

Till now, the kidnapper’s companion from the Mardan is working as an agent to conduct the ransom deal. Afzal, who is dealing with the kidnapper’s agent on behalf of the victim families is also suspected to be a member of the gangsters.

We just hope that Pakistan government takes notice of the matter as quickly as it acted upon the issue of Turkish staff of the Pak-Turk schools upon arrival of the Erdogan in Pakistan. Both Pakistan and Turkey are very close friends of each other, and it is the moral and human responsibility for the country to help Pakistan and innocent families whose sons are suffering.


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