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Tour operators in north getting ready to promote tourism in Pakistan

tourism in pakistan-kashmir

Ever since the PTI government has started unfolding its plans for the economy of the country, tourism in Pakistan is also being considered a low hanging fruit.

Considering it a mega activity in the years to come, All Kashmir Tour Operators gathered to device plans for handling tourism in Azad Kashmir.

At the moment, there is hardly a procedure to entertain tourist that visit Azad Kashmir. Hotels are negligible, spots are lesser established, and there is a dearth of training on all level.

azad kashmir tourist operators
A group photo of Azad Kashmir tourist operators at the end of the meetup

Although there is much to be done on the fast track this private community of tour operators and hotels owners have at least started to think about how they can make it easier for the world to see “heaven on the earth”.

Department of tourism has also planned to provide training to various elements including travel agencies, hotels, tour guides, etc.

Another bottleneck for tourists in the northern area is the entry of tourists at every check posts. At every other place, they need to stand in queues and show their ID which is cumbersome, and the process is even worse for the foreigners who have to show a lot more documents.

We have heard the department of tourism is in the process of introducing smart card for tourists that will carry all their data. With this, they will need to make their entry at only one point while starting their journey and throughout the route, the card will be scannable.

Tourism in Pakistan can bring home billions of dollars provided there is a well-planned drive to highlight the potential avenues and challenges in time.

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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