Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai - MPA of PkMAP

A traffic police official has been killed by rushing vehicle of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party’s (PkMAP) legislator in Quetta.

The police constable, Haji Atta Ullah, was performing his traffic duties at Shaheed Faraz Sunbel Chowk of Quetta city, when PkMAP’s MPA, Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai’s vehicle ran over him.

The MPA’s car hit the traffic cop and the vehicle rushed from the scene, making it hit-and-run accident. The horrific incident happened on a Tuesday evening and the traffic police were instantly taken to the hospital after being squashed by the car.

But the sergeant couldn’t endure the severe injuries for long and died on the way to the trauma center at the Civil Hospital. It has been apprised by SSP Traffic Nazeer Kurd that MPA Abdul Majeed Achakzai, himself, was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

“Achakzai, himself was driving the vehicle and we are investigating the incident,” said Nazeer Kurd. 

Though the regional police of Quetta has filed a case against unknown persons rather than against MPA or his driver. The dead body of Haji Atta Ullah has been handed over to his family, leaving them in total devastation.

The further investigation of the case will reveal that whether it was just a hit-and-run accident or a daylight murder and whether the MPA himself was driving the car or someone else.

Though Nazeer Kurd’s statement is important with regard to who was driving the vehicle.
The incident is under investigation and the MPA’s car had been taken into custody by police; also his driver was arrested but released shortly.

In the barbaric incident, the car ruthlessly crushed the traffic warden as if the driver was either drunk or high on drugs because a person right in his senses would never drive so furiously.

Less than an accident, it could be a murder if the driver was clear-headed and sober at the moment. This daylight offense must be properly investigated as per law and the offender must be punished severely by the judiciary, irrespective of his rank and personality.


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