Death of LUMS student

The sudden death of a LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) student in university hostel has once again raised the critical issue of drug addiction amongst youth. Although, the exact reason of the student’s death is not confirmed. According to media reports, the student died either because of cardiac arrest or due to the drug overdose; The actual cause is yet to be confirmed.

Just have a glance on the response of the youth to this incident and consequent media reporting.

No doubt that Any speculation about the cause of death can cause the family of deceased to suffer more pain, but still, there are certain bitter realities that have surged, and as a member of Pakistani society, we need to talk about this curse that is prevailing in Pakistani society.

As far as the circumstances of Pakistan are concerned, we have given enough reasons to our youth for becoming addicted to the drugs. There exist tremendous anxiety, depression, and uncertainty about future. Thousands of graduates pass out from universities merely to roam on the roads with degrees in hands but no jobs,

Issues of depression and anxiety rest within the fresh graduates who fear the failure in practical life as they don’t see nay opportunity. The critical point is that members of the young generation are also compelled to use such substances just as a recreational resource.

According to a report by Geo, shocking facts were presented to the Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control. According to report 53 percent students for large private schools in Islamabad were addicted to the drugs. Director General of South Asian Strategic Institute (SASSI) Maria Sultan who attended the meeting.  She said,”The average age of students in the private schools, in which nearly 44 to 53 percent of pupils are taking either artificial or hard drugs or were addicted to heroine, is in the age groups 12-16 and 16-19,”

As for as the matter of LUMS student is concerned media should not cross the limits and interfere with the privacy of the deceased student and his family, by reporting merely on speculation. But this remains the fact that Incident in LUMS is a reminder and echoes the fact the Pakistani youth is becoming a prey of drug use. What so ever the reasons may be substance abuse is harmful to society as a whole and as responsible citizens we have to initiate the debate on this crucial issues and discuss the issues being faced by our youth.


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