Lodhran Train Accident

Not even one week has passed since the new year began and we have witnessed the worst train accident that took away the lives of innocent school going kids, who would never return to home.

Two rickshaws that attempted to cross the railway track from ungated crossing ended up getting crushed by the train.The accident has proved that our Railway management lacks the foresight to plan entire mechanism, according to changing weather conditions.

Pakistan Railways is using the same system that was set by the British government almost one and half century before. Since then there had not been upgradations.

PMLN Govt. is hell bent on wasting billions of tax payers money into failed projects like Metro and Orange Line train, but it doesn’t bother to take care of the phenomena that may affect a common man. Outdated Railway tracks in Pakistan, and lack of collaboration among the staff is screaming out loud in the form of accidents that are taking the lives.

It seems that in Pakistan the sole purpose of ministries os to exploit the tax payer’s money and then destroy relevant institutes up to such an extent that they become unreliable for providing services to a common man. Our ministers just wait for a tragic incident to happen, condemn its happenings and then announce an inquiry of the matter.

It is not the first train accident of its type, in last two years, Pakistan has witnessed worse railway accidents but still any strategy, and the mechanism to contain any such incidents in future is missing from the scene. We just wonder if Khwaja Saad Rafique finds enough time after defending the Prime Minister in Panama case to tackle the matters of railways that is heading towards a demise.

Unfortunately, all those projects that government introduces head towards making an addition in vote bank. Khwaja Saad Rafique admitted that Bullet Train was nothing more than an election slogan as the project is not feasible in Pakistan at the moment. Earlier, the Govt announced the building of flats for Railway employees; It is indeed a good step but what about the loss of innocent lives that are owed to the discrepancies, corruption, and mismanagement in the department.


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