Zaalima Track of Raees by SRK and Mahira Khan

The action packed trailer of the Shahrukh khan’s Raees that stars the Mahira Khan is just out. The trailer tells a lot about the role of Mahira and speaks volumes about thrill the movie is going to present.

King Khan who is playing the character of a Gujrati Don may seem like playing his role from his previous Bollywood hit Don, but the story seems to be much different.

Apart from Mahira and Shahrukh Khan the acting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui would also be a treat. Siddiqui has played opposite to Shahrukh Khan. For sure he has given a tough time to the superstar in the story. Overall, the story of Raees is a complete package containing thrill, action, romance and a story that seems to be the accurate depiction of real culture. In short what the film is going to be all about has become evident from the trailer that for sure is promising an entertaining movie ahead with unique twists.

It was rumoured this film would be released without Mahira Khan’s scenes in it, but the trailer of Raees just rebuts such claims. Mahira has much more to play in the Raees.

The Raees is being released after much delay, in Indian cinemas, it would release on 25 January 2017.


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