Mawra Hocane in Sammi

Trailer of Mawra Hocane’s new drama series Sammi is just out, and it just shows how our Pakistani dramas are heading towards a new direction.

There is no doubt that our dramas are now diversifying to bring out the stories that are relatable to the real lives of people in the country. The Sammi is a play that also conveys a message about a social cause.

In trailer beautiful and gorgeous Mawra Hocane can be seen blushing like a bride after a crown of the girls surrounds her singing songs to welcome her groom. The scene features a typical wedding celebration in the rural area of Punjab. Suddenly, amidst the celebrations, a man comes and asks to stop all this singing and dancing due to the murder of a man in town.

We have seen the fabulous work of Urwa Hocane, in drama serial Udaari that dared to expose a social taboo of Child abuse. The play garnered enormous popularity from all the sections of society and encouraged the industry to work on projects that only cater to the needs of entertainment but also highlight the emerging social issues to make the public aware and conscious.

There is no doubt that Pakistani drama has always remained a history of tackling social issues, but it has used the apparel of literature. After the literary gems stopped writing shows, our digest writers took the seat, but it highlighted the female sentiments and the way an eastern girl suffers in a relationship, now the trend is changing again. Subjects like women empowerment, real issues of the Pakistani society and culture are again strengthening their roots.

As far as Sammi is concerned, it seems to be a worth watch. The lead actress Mawra Hocane also worked hard to portray the role of an 18 years old girl. So, we hope that an amalgam of art, entertainment, and social insight is awaiting us in the form of Sammi.


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