Transgenders Pakistan

According to a foreign news agency, the Saudi government decided not to issue Umrah visas to transgender persons.

In compliance with the Saudi government, Pakistan directed all the travel agents not to receive Umrah applications from transgender individuals. While Saudi Consulate General also informed the travel agents about the ban.

The reason is still unknown, but we are very shocked by the decision. In Pakistan transgender, people always faced many complications while just performing the everyday chores. Recently there was a viral video on social media where a man was beating a transgender brutally.

There are no jobs for the transgenders; you had never witnessed any transgender working in an office or doing professional jobs. Have you ever came across any transgender who is a doctor or a politician or sports person. This is just due to our ill norms of society. We have limited transgenders just to dance and beg on streets. They have the same brains as of males and females. They can prove so much beneficial for the society if we break the cruel traditions.

Bullying, taunts and abuse are unfortunately a way of life for them; who want nothing more than to receive an education, and work for a living.

“This is Allah’s decision. We can’t change. We were born this way,” said one transgender when asked about the Saudi government ban decision.

No one, No one is doing nothing for the community which is being sidelined since ages. State, Supreme Court, no institution proved fertile for them. It is because of us that they are limited to sell their bodies, dance and beg on roads. We have to take responsibility and build a culture where no one is harassed and made deprive of necessities.

And just like, all was not enough that Saudi Government came up with the ban on transgenders to perform Umrah and KSA even didn’t care to give the reason.


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