Transgenders Pakistan

Transgenders in Pakistan who are not only treated as the children of a lesser God but also as the lesser human beings need particular attention on the international human rights day.

Unfortunately, the marginalized communities in Pakistan, especially the Transgenders are not able to attain their fundamental human rights. In their case lying entire burden on the state, government, and political parties, is not enough, as the community starts facing discrimination from their homes, on behalf of their families.

You can only be male or female; otherwise be ready to be treated as a wicked person

Transgenders and LGBT community are considered as bringing shame and disgrace to the society. They don’t get the privilege of attending regular schools, getting higher educations and even if they manage to do so, then harsh obstacles of the practical life don’t allow them to make further progress.

In the following video, a transgender Julie talks about an inhumane behavior of Jija Butt with their fellow community members.
At the extreme of the abhorrence, society merely looks upon them as a sex symbol. For earning a livelihood, they have to sing and dance at weddings, parties and other such ceremonies.

In Pakistan being transgender is perceived as a disability to enter any profession of choice, so the person is left with no choice other than putting up makeup, glitzy clothes and then stand on signals and market squares to beg money.

Such level of abhorrence often leads the community members to suffer the violence at the hands of a free male community of the society.

In the year 2016, so many cases of brutality towards Transgenders were reported.

In July transgenders activist Alisha died miserably in Peshawar. According to media reports, Alisha was shot eight times. The doctors refused to treat her timely as they didn’t know whether to put her in a male ward or female ward. In the same year cases of transgender Dildar and Sheila also received public attention after they were shot and injured, while later succumbed to death.

Among all these atrocities, the worst case was reported in November where a gangster Jijja But brutally beat up a transgender and treated her in an inhumane way.

Such indiscrimination with the transgenders has also given birth to a robust activism of the community against the atrocities of the majority. One excellent example emerged as the first ever fashion shoot of a transgender model Kami Sid, who finally proved that being a third gender is not a disability rather it is an identity.

Steps were taken by the Government

It is a good omen that recently Pakistani Senate has invited the transgender activists to discuss their issues before the Senate. The decision is made by the Standing Committee on Marginalized Segments. The committee also asked the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) to suggest the method for implementing the previous rulings like Supreme Court decision 2012, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly’s resolution and draft bill of Capital Administration and Development Divisions.

In 2009 Supreme Court had ordered to include a third category of gender on CNIC for transgenders. In 2012 a three-membered bench headed by the Supreme Court ruled that rights of the transgender community are equal to the rights of an ordinary citizen. They are also entitled to the right of inheritance, the right to free education and free health like other communities.

It is a fact that rights of transgender and their status in Pakistani society is not a constitutional matter rather it is something related to a general perception. The goal of equal human rights can only be achieved when human being learn to respect their fellow human beings without discriminating by gender, ethnicity, religion and social status.


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