Plane fly from New York to Karachi

Would you ever like to travel in a plane capable of flying over the entire earth within one hour? The fantasy of covering vast miles within the blink of an eye is now becoming a reality.

Charles Bombardier; a Candian designer has presented the concept of Antipode, a plane that would be capable traveling 12,430 miles (20,000 km) miles per hour, while the average speed of Boeing 747 is 547 mph. The supersonic Ranjet engine would allow flying the Antipode 10 times more than the rate at which light travels.. The aircraft would reach the height of 40,000 feet with the help of rocket boosters.

The new technology of high penetration would be utilized to boost up the speed up to thousand times as compared to the contemporary air crafts.

In this way, distance of between Lahore and Karachi would be covered within one minute.

Initially, the plane would be able to accommodate ten passengers at one time.

The plane would fly from New York to London within 11 minutes while Newyork to Dubai in 22 Minutes and Newyork to Karachi in 26-28 minutes.

The plane is passing through the designing process. Still, compatibility of design, specs and environment is an issue. Engineers are trying to figure out how they can overcome the problems related to high level of sound and overheating.

The plane would be able of landing and take off the usual airport runways; the emergency boosters would also help the aircraft to moderate the speed and do an emergency landing at the time of difficulty.


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