Cassandra Expedition 196

27 Years Old Female Who Set The World Record To Travel 196 Countries

Ever dreamed of traveling the entire world but couldn’t make it real? Here is an inspiration for you. The 27 years old Lady, Cassandra de Pecol, a US citizen, sets the world record for being the first ever documented female to travel across the 196 countries of the world, that too in a very short timespan.

Cassandra is traveling as Ambassador of Peace on behalf of the Institute of Peace through Tourism. She spoke exclusively to Outlook Pakistan while passing through Pakistan.

Here are the highlights of Cassandra’s amazing journey known as Expedition 196. She made a start from Palu, Indonesia in July 2015.

Cassandra Expedition 196

Her trip cost her overall $200,000, and her sponsors are covering the amount.

Cassandra journey

Cassandra also posted about her expedition on Instagram and attracted more sponsors through advertisement.

Cassandra buildings

How fun it can be to enjoy with these puffy cubs, her smile says it all.

Cassandra with Lion Cubs

Skiing in Colorado is also a great experience, as not all Americans get a chance to enjoy this fun-filled chilling sports.

Cassandra skiing-in-colorado

Beautiful view of the bridge in Bosnia & Herzegovina, how the trip to Europe can be complete without going to Balkan states.

Cassandra view-of-bridge-in-bosnia

Her dare to play with Eagle in a far-off desert.

Cassandra an-eagle-in-desert

Yes, these spectacular views of the buildings are worth looking.

Cassandra view-of-an-ancient-building

It must be fun for her to explore the ancient ruins and a harsh landscape in the world.

Cassandra versatile-lanscape

And how her journey could be completed without visiting the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of love.

Cassandra eifel-tower

Cassandra has already visited 181 countries in the world; She has 15 more countries to visit within 40 days. If she manages to do so, then she will also break the Guinness world record as the fastest person to travel to all the 196 sovereign countries in the world.

Written by Noor Qayyum

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